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John Lowry Contract management and adjudication services BCIPA
Contract management and BCIPA adjudication services
Grow Productivity Contract management and BCIPA adjudication services


Our professional payment consultants will drive your productivity, increase your profits and deliver control over payment back to you.

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contract management and BCIPA adjudication services

New Service Available

Limited places available. Call Now!

AQS Advisory is offering tailored end-to-end payment packages for a limited number of clients.

We will identify your strengths and weaknesses and tailor a payment solution package to suit your business and budget. Our aim is to reduce your risk and improve productivity and cash flow.

Payment Dispute Advice

*Claim FREE BiF Advice*​

BCIPA Adjudication Applications

& Response preparations.

Integrated Collection


Payment System Audits

Contract Management

Expert Witness & Negotiation

BCIPA Training


Free BiF Security of Payment advice is available for some associations. We are happy to give QMBA and AMCA members a FREE 45 minute advice session to help you over the little hurdles. ​

Call us now and get great BiF advice for FREE.

Advisory Services​

Lowry Consulting delivers payment professionals to you for unbeatable value for money.

Yes, we do BiF adjudication work. Our professional team has an excellent track record and our prices are highly competitive.

You will receive prompt, professional service and expertise from our BCIPA adjudication services but our services for dispute avoidance are a far more cost-effective method of driving productivity and cash flow.

Our clients thrive even in times of difficulty using expert advice from AQS Advisory Services. Our mission and your key to success are to protect your cash flow in preparation for dispute.

We are the BCIPA construction payment leaders with unbeatable expertise in the industry. Reduce your risks and gain cash flow, AQSAS offers tailored solutions for all budgets.


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Although we are based on the sunny Gold Coast we are happy to work online throughout the great State of Queensland for adjudication purposes. Expert witness work in not restricted to Queensland

Call us now and find out how we help construction companies of all sizes prosper.

Lowry Consulting provides senior, highly experienced Quantity Surveyors (QS's) to look after your payment requirements.

Our aim is to provide excellent business advice and implement policy with the intent of collecting all entitlements and avoiding disputes.

Lowry Consulting panel members are highly experienced in collections using the BiF and our service is second to none.

We prefer to work in an advisory and service capacity to avoid dispute. The cost of dispute is always expensive where the cost of avoidance is a positive business decision.

We will help you decrease your risks and position your business to collect all payment entitlements. By implementing our customised solutions productivity and cash flow gains are inevitable.

Why choose a QS for payment?

Payment is what we do every day. From contract management to negotiation and dispute management. We are trained in construction and specialise in payment and contract services.


There is no better profession to trust with your payment requirements.

John Lowry
Apr 10, 2019
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