contract management and BCIPA adjudication services
John Lowry contract management and BCIPA adjudication services

John Lowry


Lowry Consulting background.


As quantity surveyors we are the construction industry's most experienced and qualified construction payment professionals.
Our background in construction payment comprises of many years of combined experience in contract management, BCIPA adjudication payment claims and schedules, expert legal reports and expert witness work, regular QS work such as bills of quantities and much more. You can check the CV's of our experts on our 'People' page, our credentials speak for themselves.

​Most payment dispute and non-payment occurs​ when systems and processes employed do not match the contract requirements (risks) and, when an employer tries to pass on their losses down stream, we call this fishing for guppies that is destined for dispute or losses for the looser.

We can help you take control over your payment in the construction industry.

Many construction businesses in trouble have fallen into the trap of waiting for payment that never arrives and yet they keep working, spending more of their resources on a job in debt. It's fine to be the nice guy but not at the expense of your business and livelihood.

​​We have gathered the cream of the construction industry's payment professionals and have made them accessible to you at affordable rates. These are professionals that you would normally not have access to without having a corporate budget but we have changed that for a good reason.

​​After the boom of 2000 the industry has been in a steady decline reducing the work pool and cash flow to the industry. In recent years we have seen many avoidable insolvencies all over the country and as a profession, Quantity Surveyors are the payment professionals who can lead you business into better and sustainable payment practices designed to reduce risk, create productivity, improve cash flow and ultimately, growth in the industry.

​​With the arrival of Security of Payment legislation there is considerable protection for monies owed, but it's a double0edged sword.  Contracts have become much more complex and onerous.  maintaining your right to payment required constant vigilence.

payment has become a specialised area within construction. We can deliver your business an end-to-end contract management, payment management  and Security of Payment adjudication services that allow you to instantly have a more sustainable and best practice payment methodology tailored for your business by our expert payment and contract management professionals.


You will have more time to concentrate on the job and leave the complex world of payment to your payment professional.


​​By using our contract management services we will give you the best possible start to any new job that will allow you to control contract risk, negotiate, collect regular payment, avoid BCIPA payment dispute and build your payment knowledge base. Delivering a contract or sub-contract on time and budget now requires a dedicated payment professional in your corner.

You will learn to:

  • Identify killer clauses

  • Start with a Contract Risk Assessment

  • Measure your contract risk

  • Negotiate workable terms

  • Implement a risk management strategy

  • Know when to walk away without feeling bad

 You can't afford to leave any money on site, make the change today and start collecting every cent you deserve!