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The Aftermath of Grenfell - Do you want to risk non-conforming products?

The Importance of Product Conformity

The following information is provided by NATSPEC, in light of the Grenfell Tower in London. Please note that the cladding detail on the Grenfell Tower is not the same system that is used in Australia.

NATSPEC was approached by government and various stakeholders to set up a National Construction Product Register (NCPR). The purpose of this register is to raise awareness in the construction industry of the importance of product conformity and mitigate the risk of non-conforming products/products in a cost effective way. Please see below a summary of frequently raised Q&A.

1. Are you producing a ‘compliant products register’? No. NATSPEC is developing a database of construction products which have authenticated evidence of CONFORMITY to relevant Australian and international standards. The NCPR does not address standards developed for environmental product certification schemes.

While every effort has been taken to make sure the information on the NCPR is accurate and up-to-date, Construction Information Systems Limited will not be liable in respect of any use or application of its contents. The threshold at which product conformity is deemed to have been demonstrated must be determined by a risk assessment process which considers the likelihood and consequences of product failure.

2. What stage is it at? We expect the website to be launched in July 2017.

3. How will it operate? The NCPR will be an online, freely available database of products with authenticated evidence of conformity to relevant standards.

4. Will it potentially address the quality control of imported product? The NCPR will not address the conformity of particular shipments of imported product. The NCPR is a register of products, local or international, with evidence of conformity to designated standards. NATSPEC is not a Conformance Assessment Body and we do not offer auditing nor inspection services.

5. Do you have any other suggestions for building product conformance evidence uncertainty? For over forty years, NATSPEC has been delivering the national, comprehensive construction specification system endorsed by government and professional bodies. Basing the project specification on the NATSPEC national master specification can assist in achieving a project of the required of quality.

Courtesy of NATSPEC & AIQS

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